Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

October 14, 2008

One of the most moving days was the day we felt led by God to drive into the countryside to learn how the people of Ethiopia are really living. We drove for two hours when we found some children carrying water jugs. We stopped the van and followed them, wanting to see for ourselves what the water and sanitary conditions were. We met a girl about 8 years old who walked over a mile a day to gather water from the river for her family. The full jug would weigh about 50-60 pounds when filled! But that isn’t the worst part…the so-called “clean” water came from a hole dug just two-feet from the river so that it looked clear. In the river, there were oxen, sheep, and goats drinking, swimming, bathing, and defecating IN the water. Invasive parasites have infested most of the children of Ethiopia and 10,000 are dying each day as a result.

My heart just cried out to God as I though of our cushy conditions back home and how we take clean drinking water for granted. God brought this home as I went into our bathroom and happened to notice the water in our toilet. I thought: our toilet water is cleaner than the water these children drink. I have a real problem with that! I feel God calling us to do more for Ethiopia…


Today, we have the opportunity to rescue 10,000 children in Ethiopia!

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like this??  We can drill wells IN Ethiopia that will provide them with clean, disease free water for a LIFETIME. With the help of our friends, sponsors and partners, we can literally Stop Death for a Day for thousands of children. We have provided a lot of things for people in need, but a lifetime of water is possible the greatest gift ever. Pray about being part of this significant outreach…and do all you can to help us drill these lifesaving wells.

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