Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

March 30, 2009

Thanks for your support! 2009 is off to an amazing start. God has been giving us glimpses of upcoming opportunities and fresh vision to take worldchild to a new place of impact and outreach. I believe the future has tremendous possibility–and NOTHING is impossible with God. Even when faced with tough economic times, our vision is still strong–and our mission still matters!

Our commitment to reach out with God’s love, power, and Word has not wavered. Our call to care for orphans in Africa, to send food, water, and clothing to children around the world is just as strong as it was four years ago when we began worldchild. We have seen God open supernatural doors of ministry and provide connections with people, churches, and pastors that have taken us to places we could not have even imagined. It’s as if God keeps nudging us to take another step and go a little farther—for Him.

We sincerely appreciate your faithful support. It’s what allows us to keep moving forward in the vision He has given us to make a real and lasting impact in places like Iraq, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Israel. Let me assure you the seeds you are planting today in the lives of children and young people around the world will reap a great harvest…for eternity.

Thank you for staying kingdom-focused even in these tough times.

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