Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

March 18, 2010

In the spring of 2009, Sarah traveled to Cambodia very intent on finding ways Saving Moses could help moms and babies five and under.  In the city and in the rural country side, Sarah saw so many young babies and mothers in desperate need of basic essentials—food, water, medicine—things we take for granted. She knew immediately that God had called her there to make a difference.It was a shocking and powerful experience as she walked through a trash dump and found homes where families were living.  Hundreds of people were using whatever trash they could find to make their “houses.”  They came upon one home that had 10 people and many kids living in it.  A mom came out and started talking to Sarah. She had three kids and was going to give birth to her fourth child next month.  She planned to give birth in the dump because she could not afford the $50 to deliver her baby in the local hospital. Her family only makes about $1 a day from recycling pieces of trash.  Just imagine giving birth in a trash dump when you could give birth in a hospital for only $50 which doesn’t seem like much to us but is almost two months income for these people.

As Sarah continued walking through the dump, she saw the extreme poverty first hand and how desperate and vulnerable thepeople are—many of them doing whatever they could to stay alive—prostitution, trafficking, drugs—anything.  These people are on the edge of survival with virtually no help available.

Sarah also traveled to the countryside where 80% of the population lives.  There she met another pregnant woman who was terrified to deliver her baby because of the complications from her previous deliveries.  She had absolutely no medical resources to help with the delivery.    She also met a single mom of 5 children (pictured right) whose husband abandoned her and the kids 3 years ago.  Her only means of income to provide for her family is to make desserts from the sugary tree sap of the palm trees and sell them to her village and the surrounding areas.

Saving Moses partnered with the established ministries LIFE center, to start up a self-sustaining fish pond, and with New Life Fellowship to help pregnant women living in the dump have healthy babies and deliveries.

God used what Sarah saw in Cambodia to further solidify the mission of Saving Moses in her heart.  The need is great, but Saving Moses can help—one life at a time.

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