Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

June 26, 2013

The Saving Moses trip to South Sudan continues…

South Sudan exudes an amazing feeling of hope and optimism with some undercurrents of struggle and hardship. The people are beautiful, graceful, Mom_babyconfident, and warm. It appears as if they don’t have any space in their thinking to see themselves as victims. They seem pragmatic, and live engaged on the path of progress. Saving Moses visited a refugee camp here in country. We were informed that these particular refugees have been displaced at least three times, trying to survive various armed insurgents and rebel forces. Saving Moses was interested to see how the treks and survival efforts have affected the babies and toddlers. Stay tuned for more of what Saving Moses is learningShippingContainer_Hotel in South Sudan! (In the meantime, here is a picture from the hotel – each “room” made of two shipping containers and nicely appointed on the inside.)

Adventures in South Sudan

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