Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

August 27, 2015


Our #NightCareTrip2015 team members traveled to Phnom Penh with their hearts open, ready to embrace the significance of the work that Saving Moses does. They used their skills and passions for the important cause of saving babies where the need is most urgent and the help is least available.

Here’s an inside look at what a few of our #NightCareTrip2015 travelers had to say in Cambodia.

What happens in the NightCare centers?

Where would the babies and toddlers be if Saving Moses was not caring for them?

How has the #NightCareTrip2015 impacted your life?

Each of the team members returned with stories to share, a deep appreciation for the safety and love found within the centers, and an instilled vision for protecting the most vulnerable and helpless.

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