Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

September 28, 2015


We want to introduce you to an inspiring, longtime supporter of Saving Moses. Ruth has been a monthly Hero since the beginning of Saving Moses. What inspires her to give?

Building a legacy of generosity.

Does Saving Moses’ mission resonate with you in a special way?

There’s the old adage that we all heard growing up, “you better finish your peas! There are starving kids in Africa.” I want to not only raise a child that appreciates what he has, but lives with compassion for those who don’t have anything. Supporting Saving Moses gives my family an opportunity to literally save a child’s life every single month. It also allows us to talk about global issues as a family and build a legacy of generosity.

What compels you to stay involved?

Saving Moses is growing and expanding! I have the utmost confidence that the funds are going to save the babies. I trust the staff members at Saving Moses and know that their heart and motivation is in the right place. This organization is trustworthy.

Why is the Hero program important?

Consistent monthly gifts gives Saving Moses the confidence they need to continue their programs and make plans to expand. When you know that if you don’t give that month, there’s one child that won’t have the therapeutic milk or the shelter and care they need at NightCare, it puts your monthly gift into perspective.

What Saving Moses program resonates with you the most?

Sex trafficking is such a big buzz right now, but it was Saving Moses that opened my eyes to what was happening to the babies of the sex workers. I cannot wrap my brain around the situations that these babies are placed in. It’s happening. It’s going on right now. But Saving Moses is protecting, sheltering, and caring for these babies.

Ruth’s monthly support has saved little lives all around the world every month. On behalf of their little voices, we want to say thank you to Ruth and all of our Heroes for showing babies and toddlers what genuine love looks like. Your legacy of generosity inspires us.

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