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June 10, 2016

BonRon On Bike

BonRon On Bike
Before NightCare opened, Chea’s mother would worry about her son at night. To provide for her family, she had no other choice but to leave him alone while she worked as a sex worker. Chea’s father is a drug addict and was very violent at night.

Chea was one of our first babies enrolled when NightCare opened.

In the last few years, Chea has learned what genuine love looks like. As he grew, he used to model the behavior that he would see at home—violent outbursts and inappropriate behavior. The NightCare staff has showed him persistent love and they have seen tremendous progress in his words, actions, and demeanor. He is learning how to treat those around him, how to love his siblings, and that violence is not a means for communication.

At NightCare, Chea is no longer vulnerable to abuse, drugs, and exposure to the sex industry. He has been given a hope for the future.

BonRon On Bike

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