Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

July 28, 2016

2016 Storyteller Trip

Saving Moses just returned from their first Storyteller Trip to Phnom, Penh, Cambodia. We took a group of 23 talented storytellers to observe, watch, and actively engage in the NightCare conversation.

Stories are all around us. They make us feel alive, inspire us to greater trust, and move us to a place of daring adventure. They are a reflection of our desire to connect. They enchant, teach, and inspire. They help us understand the world around us.

Building on the excitement of a story that needs to be told, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and social media gurus soaked in the miracle that is happening every night in Cambodia – babies and toddlers of sex workers are being protected from the horror of the sex industry.

Every day, the group sat down with moms who work in the sex industry and rely on NightCare to protect their most precious treasures: their babies and toddlers. We heard firsthand where the babies would stay before they came to NightCare—left with complete strangers, abusive fathers, and even brought to the brothels with them.

The team spent time in the surrounding neighborhoods, talking to sex workers who are currently not bringing their babies to NightCare, resulting in seven new babies attending NightCare for the first time!

The most impactful experiences came from sitting on the floor, playing with toy trucks with Seenan, holding Maryann close, rocking her to sleep, and chasing Johnny around the center and tickling him until his giggles filled the room.

In one week, they soaked in all of NightCare, telling their stories using their talents and gifts. 23 lives passionately loved and were loved in return. In the coming months, keep an eye out for more stories from our 2016 Storytellers.


“Friendship built on love and grace is a beautiful bond that brings hearts together. Witnessing the love poured out from our team to the children to the point where they are attached to us and us to them is simply incredible and inspiring. The joy within our teams runs deep and flows wide.” – LeAndra

IMG_74010“The children who come to NightCare don’t know what it’s like to receive the love of a father. While the mothers leave to provide for their families at night, these lil’ guys get to eat, bathe, and get in some new clothes. I’ve had the great privilege of playing with the boys and spoiling the girlies. The love they’re shown here doesn’t stop with them. Parents are leaving the sex industry and are leading a better life for their children. Miracles are all around. It’s such an honor to hug these little world changers!” – Dominic

IMG_79560“Saving Moses loves those the world has forgotten. Showing genuine love to these little kids is what will change the future of this country, to break this destructive cycle. It’s our job to help the best we can.” – Hannah

IMG_66460sm“It’s so cool to be a part of something that is literally changing tons of lives every day. It makes you feel bigger than you actually are and you know that you can make a difference.” – Eden

IMG_739400“To see it first hand, to hold the babies affected and cry with the tormented mothers has wrecked and torn my heart to pieces. How do I go home, back to a ‘normal’ American life when my heart and soul bleed for the people of Cambodia and the world?” – Lindsey












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