Because of YOU
Belito is thriving!

Help more children like Belito!

YOU can help feed more children like Belito and help rescue babies from malnutrition.

More babies and children
need our help.

Nearly 1/2

of all DEATHS in children under 5
are attributable to UNDERNUTRITION.


The sooner a child receives therapeutic feeding and
related care, the better the outcome.

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Thank you for Saving Babies Every Day,

Learn more about Belito’s story.

YOU saved Belito’s life. He is now flourishing in every way. Together, we are making a lifetime difference for Belito and thousands of kids just like him.

As Saving Moses celebrates more than a decade of providing hope, care and survival, let’s also remember to keep moving forward. As the statistics we’ve just read prove, so many babies still need our help!

Before and after the care you provided.

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