NightCare works a lot like a daycare but in the evening or overnight when babies and toddlers are most susceptible to the dangers of the sex industry. We provide a safe place away from the abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Babies and toddlers come to NightCare- are given clean clothes, a bath, a nutritious meal, a lesson, and most importantly- a safe place to sleep.


We have 5 centers in Cambodia, 2 centers in Bangladesh, and 1 center in India.


We work in three countries where the sex industry is prevalent and child welfare services are nonexistent. Young children growing up in these environments are extremely vulnerable, and there are little to no provisions to prevent or stop the abuse they face on daily basis. Many mothers do not have access to safe childcare. These babies and toddlers are often with their mothers while she works- chained to a bed, locked in a closet, tied to her ankle, abused by her clients, or left wandering the streets.


The best way to reach a mother’s heart is by protecting her most valued treasure—her children. Our mission is to save babies and toddlers, but by doing so, we have captured the hearts of many mothers. While our staff members build natural relationships with the mothers when they drop their children off every night, our mission is to love, nurture, and protect their babies. If the families need additional services, we refer them to trusted organizations for the help that they need. Likewise, there are many wonderful organizations that work with the mothers, but we have not found any who work with their babies and toddlers.

Adan lived on the street with his mom who works as a sex worker in Southeast Asia. He was at risk of being abused or taken from his mom. He now attends NightCare where he is safe from the dangers of the street. SHELTER A TODDLER LIKE AdanFOR $38

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