When Abilio arrived at our clinic, he was severely underweight. We were worried he would not survive. Thankfully, after four weeks on specially formulated therapeutic milk, he made a full recovery!
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As young toddlers growing up in the sex industry, Adan and Sanjay are not safe at night. They are at high-risk of abuse and exploitation. NightCare protects them.
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When Ana was born, she wasn't breathing. Fortunately, her grandfather attended our Birth Life Saving Course, and he knew to pat Ana on her back and she began breathing!
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Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (age 0-5) every day by meeting the most intense and urgent survival needs.

Protected from the sex industry.
Cured from malnutrition
Born safely in a war zone.

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Severe Acute Malnutrition and Child Development

The majority of deaths caused by malnutrition are among children under five years old, accounting for around 45% of the deaths in this age group. For those who have severe acute malnutrition repeatedly in early childhood and recover, it can cause lifelong developmental consequences.