Life-saving therapeutic milk for babies and toddlers dying from starvation
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Loving shelter and care for the babies of sex workers who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
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Community-based education and skilled birth attendants where the neonatal mortality rate is high
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Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (age 0-5) every day by meeting the most intense and urgent survival needs.

Protected from the sex industry.
Cured from malnutrition
Born safely in a war zone.


Care in Crisis: India

As I spoke with my team- people I work with regularly- I couldn’t help but tear up at what they are facing. They compared the current situation to being in a war zone- constant sirens, regularly learning about who has passed, mass cremation sites, hospitals filling up with people needing care.

NightCare saves babies and toddlers from the dangers of the streets and perpetual cycle of the sex industry.

NightCare: Ending the Cycle of the Sex Industry

NightCare is more than a place of physical rest for the babies of sex workers overnight. It is a place of mental rest, peace, and hope. NightCare is setting these babies up for a better life and working towards ending the cycle of the sex industry.

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Baby Crying

Babies and toddlers in vulnerable communities are struggling as the worst COVID pandemic tears through the country. They desperately need basic supplies. Will you help us respond to these emergent needs?