A baby of a sex worker holding onto her mother.
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Nightcare provides loving shelter and care to the babies of sex workers overnight when they are most vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

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NightCare protects Ani's baby Adhi from the perpetual cycle of the sex industry.


NightCare is a lot like a daycare but in the evening or overnight when babies and toddlers are most susceptible to the dangers of the sex industry. We provide a safe place away from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. When babies and toddlers come to NightCare they are given clean clothes, a bath, a nutritious meal, a lesson, and most importantly- a safe place to sleep.


Listening to the stories of babies and toddlers growing up in the sex industry is horrifying. While there are services that help sex workers- we have not seen any other organization that helps their babies and toddlers.

We have heard what happens to babies who don’t have NightCare: a baby who was abducted on the street while his mother worked, a baby who was severely abused by her mother’s client, a toddler who was forced to sell condoms to her mother’s clients, babies chained to the bed while their mothers work on the same bed. Sadly, these heartbreaking stories are common in the Southeast Asian sex industry. Abuse is oftentimes a daily reality for these babies and toddlers.

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1. Prevents further abuse and exploitation by taking these babies and toddlers out of the situations where they are most likely to face abuse. 

2. Helps little ones heal from abuse and trauma that they have experienced by providing consistent and therapeutic caregiving. 

3. Provides an environment of love, health, and joy through healthy meals, a fun place to play, and loving nannies.

4. Prepares for the future by giving them tools to protect themselves and connecting them with next step organizations.

Protect a baby like Adan

As a young toddler growing up in the sex industry, Adan is not safe at night. He is at high risk of abuse, neglect, abduction, and exploitation. NightCare protects him from all of that. 
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