Now Hiring! This is your chance to join a growing humanitarian organization and grow with it!

We are looking for a Program and Operations Coordinator and a Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

It is an entry-level position perfect for someone who is passionate about making a difference through international humanitarian work. This position is just starting point. The ideal candidate should plan to join the Saving Moses team long-term and grow alongside this expanding organization. Candidates should be based in the Denver area or planning on relocating, have a willingness to travel to program areas from time to time, and be detail-oriented. This position will interface directly with multiple ground staff so candidates should have respect and understanding of those from different cultures. Likewise, this position will perform key office functions, so strong organization skills are key. Saving Moses provides competitive pay, a flexible work schedule, and a four-day workweek. Be sure to apply on our website.


Passionately promote the mission and vision of Saving Moses

  • Mission- Saving Moses is a humanitarian organization saving babies (age 0-5) where help is most needed but least available.
  • Vision- To establish life-saving programs in areas where infant and neonatal mortality rates are the highest globally and protect babies most at risk to the sex industry in low-income countries.

Embody the Core Values of the Organization

  • Be compassionate- We give each other the benefit of the doubt. We care when one of our team members is struggling. We celebrate and appreciate each other. We actively stay connected to the mission. We do not judge.
  • Always learning- We desire to learn new things that will help us be more effective and efficient in our jobs. We are open to new approaches. We proactively seek personal development. We are not committed to a particular process or system and always look for improvement.
  • Love exploring- We love trying new things. We are not afraid of failing. We are open to opportunities and adventure.
  • Be Collaborative- We leave our egos aside and work together for the best outcomes. We encourage and maximize each other’s strengths and seek to support and not judge their weaknesses. We resolve conflict in healthy/ proactive ways, encouraging a culture of trust and mutual respect.
  • Be Resourceful- We make the most of what we have.  We are not careless with how we spend money. We seek to maximize every dollar to further our mission.

Adhere to Saving Moses’ code of conduct and other applicable policies and procedures.

Adopt the Apostles Creed as your statement of belief.  Beneficiaries of Saving Moses’ mission and activities need not conform to religious convictions to receive the services or benefits of Saving Moses. 

Responsibilities- Role Specific

  • Assist with monthly accounting processes- work with Executive Director to monitor foreign program expenditures, initiate wire transfers and check requests, oversee monthly credit card report for accounting, balance weekly Paypal transactions, perform financial functions in donor database, and the like.
  • Oversight of Donor Database– ensure all data is coded correctly, handle all database imports and exports, input and manage data coding, provide key data reports as requested by management
  • Coordinate all Saving Moses team travel for domestic and abroad staff- arrange travel for domestic and international travel for all team members, including logistics planning, visa acquisitions, and accounting procedures.
  • Serve as the key liaison for annual Saving Moses Team Trip– coordinate with travelers, obtain needed paperwork and documents, and arrange travel and trip logistics.
  • Serve as Charity Registration Liaison to the contracted company, ensuring that all registrations are completed accurately and on time.
  • Contribute to an efficient and organized office- manage BRE account, order supplies, take meeting notes, file paperwork, manage Master Calendar, and coordinate other pertinent office functions.
  • Coordinate program logistics- arrange program meetings, monitor reports, and input, track, and report program statistics.
  • The Saving Moses Team
  • The Marylin Hickey Ministry Advisory Team
  • MHM Staff particularly in Accounting and Banking

This role will provide for highly organized and efficient daily operations, ensuring that financial data and donor data are accurate and complete. This role will also ensure that Saving Moses remains compliant with charity registrations quickly and precisely. This role will also support effective programs by arranging key program meetings, providing key reports, travel, and tracking program statistics.

  • A Bachelor’s degree preferred or working on a Bachelor’s. Will consider applicable work experience as a replacement.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Detail Oriented
  • Proficient in the Microsoft Suite, particularly Word and Excel
  • Proficient in basic math skills
  • Preferable experience working in an office environment
Key Job Information
  • POSITION TYPE: hourly
  • HOURS PER WEEK: 20-30 hours/ week and Part-Time (This position will start part-time, but we anticipate it will grow into a full-time position  shortly.)
  • Pay range between $17-22 based on experience
  • SUPERVISOR: Executive Director
  • This job is based in Centennial, CO