Provide Protection for a Baby Growing Up in the Sex Industry

“I want my babies to be safe!” Shivi, a sex worker in Cambodia, told me, through a translator.

For Shivi and her little ones, home has been a filthy train station. Each day, she fears for her babies: They could be run over by a train or trampled by crowds of commuters.

At night, “men and boys often disturb them,” she said. And if she refuses their advances, Shivi and her little ones could be slashed by sharp blades on their cheeks and hands.

It has happened before. And “two or three times, she has been dragged away in the middle of the night,” she said.

Threats loom everywhere. When she’s not working, Shivi’s babies could be stolen from her — ripped from her arms — while she sleeps.

But you can make a life-saving decision when you say “yes” to Saving Moses …

“Because of you, we are safe at NightCare,” Shivi said, in her native language.

Thank You!

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