“Change Apparel” is Changing Lives!

You want to hear a phenomenal story about how a travel-inspired merchandise brand is making a difference in the lives of babies and toddlers in Cambodia?

GLBAL, a cause-focused brand, just launched their company and decided to donate 100% of their campaign profits to support Saving Moses!

Following a trip to a remote village in Ethiopia in 2007, brothers Jeremy, Justin and Jordan Willet dedicated their lives and careers to being a voice for the poor. For 10 years, this was mainly accomplished through full-time touring in the band, Willet, using music as a platform to find sponsors for over 2500 children, and to fund 1 Million Meals for school feeding programs around the world.

After traveling all over the world, the brothers were constantly burdened by the urgent needs they encountered and understood their role to communicate these needs back to people that could do something about it. Hunger, disease, and trafficking were no longer buzzwords – they were human conditions of people that the brothers now had a relationship with, and silence was not an option.

Determined to bring the world together, Jeremy, Justin, and Jordan Willet set out to produce high-quality products inspired by their global travel that would tell the story of individuals, families, and communities that were not letting poverty, in any form, define their identity

GLBAL is a cause-focused brand bringing the world together through film, photography, storytelling, and travel-inspired merchandise. The slogan is “change apparel”, and the brothers are working to raise a community of activists that will use their voices, time, platforms, influence, and even fashion, to inspire other people to engage in social justice.

Jordan has travelled with Saving Moses twice and witnessed the impact of NightCare firsthand. We are thrilled that they decided to choose Saving Moses for their pilot campaign: 100% of campaign profits go towards funding a new NightCare center.

They are a such an inspiration of people using their platforms, gifts, and talents to make a life-saving difference and change the world around them.

Find out more about GLBAL HERE.

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