Why You Will See Fewer Faces From Us

Why you will see fewer faces from us - title page

If you love Saving Moses, it’s because we save and protect babies.

Sometimes, this means protecting them against the threat of death by malnutrition. Sometimes, it’s the threat of abuse and exploitation by the sex industry. Today, this means taking a close look at our own policies and saying, “We can do more.”

After careful thought and much discussion, we have decided as an organization to change our child protection policy in the media.

The sex industry is so heavily stigmatized. In some countries, being identified as the child of a sex worker means that you do not get admittance to school, cannot receive medical care, or are ostracized from your community. We cannot control who views the images or videos we put online and are not willing to expose babies to harassment or danger. This is why things must change.

What this means for you:

  1. Fewer Faces

There will be fewer faces in our pictures and videos. If a baby or mother’s face is concealed, it is because we have identified that sharing their image puts them in danger. If a face is shown, it is either a representation or the image of a child we have identified is not in danger.

  1. New Names

All names are changed for the protection of the baby or toddler. We will use culturally-appropriate pseudonyms to tell true stories.

  1. Countries, Major Cities, or Regions Only

Specific locations will be concealed so that people with intent to harm cannot locate the people with whom we work.

We know that we work with really cute kids, and it helps you as an interested partner or donor to see their smiling faces. We recognize that at times, it may feel that the images of little hands or little feet are less compelling. But our responsibility is to the babies and toddlers we serve first.

It is our sincere hope that you will partner with us in understanding this need for protection and that you will joyfully join us in saving babies every day where help is most urgent but least available.

This change will take time as we phase out certain content and develop more. If you have questions concerning our new child protection policy, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

Child protection policy - a little boy's hands and feet.A baby's hands covering her face to comply with our child protection policy.A mother holding her baby in NightCare with their faces covered to comply with our child protection policy.

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