Hanging by a Thread: The Saving Moses Journey

Hanging by a Thread: The Saving Moses Journey - Saving Moses Book - Get your copy now

Hanging by a Thread: The Saving Moses Journey

Written by: McKenzie Thompson – Saving Moses Communications & Logistics Coordinator

“Who abandons newborn babies? How did they arrive in some random field? Was anything with them, like blankets or bottles, when they were discovered? Were they wearing any clothing?” These were just some of the questions that ran through Sarah Bowling’s mind when she came across two babies abandoned in a field in Ethiopia in 2009. This exact experience of Sarah’s is what led to the birth of the one-of-a-kind humanitarian aid organization: Saving Moses.

Speaking of the birth of Saving Moses – we are so excited to finally announce that Sarah, its founder, has just released her newest book, Hanging By A Thread: The Saving Moses Journey, which was written about the organization’s journey all the way from 2009 in Ethiopia, to now! It details the hardships, roadblocks, and victories that have taken place throughout Saving Moses’ journey to save babies in some of the most dangerous and exploitative cities in the world. The reader will learn about what inspired Sarah to launch this organization, real and raw stories of the people she met along the way, and what has contributed to the continuous growth of Saving Moses today.

When Sarah discovered those baby girls in 2009, she was distraught and immediately wanted to help. She took them to a nearby orphanage, but they refused to take the girls in. How could an orphanage refuse to care for abandoned babies? Was that not its purpose? What Sarah realized from this, was that babies require so many more resources, attention, and care than children who are older. The needs of babies and toddlers are more specialized and expensive than older children, so sadly, many organizations and orphanages cannot afford to meet their needs. This planted the seed in Sarah that would one day become Saving Moses. Sarah, who was just like many of you reading this, was just one person with a heart and passion to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable, who said yes to the challenge. Her hope is that this book will inspire you to take your own first steps toward fulfilling your purpose!

Hanging by a Thread: The Saving Moses Journey - Saving Moses Book - Founder Sarah holding a baby in Bangladesh
As many of you have read on our social media, website, or blog many times, Saving Moses’ mission is to save babies (5 & under) every day, by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs, where help is least available. This book will give the reader several examples of what inspired that mission statement and why we take it into consideration with everything we do at Saving Moses. Just like the twin baby girls, abandoned in a field, with no place to go, no one to care of them, no food or water – we see babies in this exact situation every day and it is our goal to be their hope that they would otherwise not have.

This book is inspiring, encouraging, and motivating. It is for those of you who feel as if you have a calling to do something bigger than yourself, make a difference in the world, or just be encouraged. As Sarah writes in this book, “The life of each baby and toddler whom we serve is hanging by a thread, and it is our supreme honor and passion to step into their precarious existence, tie a knot in the thread and facilitate a more secure and certain future!”

Buy your copy today, get inspired, and help us tie the knot in the thread.

Get yours HERE.

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