The COVID-19 Crisis in India is devastating. Our hearts break for our on the ground team there and our NightCare babies and toddlers. 

These little lives were already vulnerable, and the pandemic makes things so much worse. But we’re responding.

The first supplies have been distributed, and they are truly helping. These care packages are not only providing essential items, but also relief for desperate parents trying to keep their little ones safe.

This is a very urgent need! We need you if we’re going to save babies amidst one of the world’s worst COVID-19 crises. We are so appreciative of those who have already given. If you have not yet had the chance to be a part of this mission, please consider joining us today. 

The global pandemic is requiring our team on the ground to be extremely fluid by adjusting our resources so they quickly meet the demands of the crisis. Please know your contributions will go toward the most urgent need within the Saving Moses organization.

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