$38 can feed a baby for an entire month! Save a baby’s life today!

At Saving Moses, we believe every baby should have a CHANCE TO LIVE, be nourished, and grow up. But children under the age of 5, especially in the developing world, are suffering from severe acute malnutrition that is leaving them weak, emaciated, and stunted.

Severe acute malnutrition is a life-threatening condition and needs immediate intervention—the very survival of these babies depends on it.

  • A gift of only $25 can provide life-saving nourishment and bring a baby back from near death!
  • A gift of only $38 can help restore a baby to health for a whole month!

To express our appreciation for your GIFT OF $25 OR MORE, we will send you a copy of Hanging by a Thread, the story of Sarah Bowling’s journey to start Saving Moses.

This book is an encouragement for others to step by faith into the void and pain they see around them and watch God do the impossible! PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY TODAY!

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