Special Projects

Special Projects

How does Saving Moses choose special projects?

We’re ready when disaster strikes to save, support, and love the population that is often forgotten in the middle of chaos: babies.

Whether it’s supporting babies orphaned by the Ebola virus or providing formula and warm clothing to babies displaced by the earthquake in Nepal, we are actively monitoring world events and are ready to respond when the help is most needed.

Yainkain’s Story

Yainkain was only three months old when she lost her mother to the Ebola virus. Her father, also an orphan, did not have the means to take care of her. Her remaining family members were worried about caring for her because they feared she carried the virus.

She was brought to a center where caregivers gave her loving attention and watched her symptoms. After she was in the clear, they were able to reunite her with her great aunt, who is providing the love and support she needs.

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