Help is Coming, Syria.

Help is coming, Syria.

We hear your babies’ cries, empty stomachs, and gut-wrenching heartaches.

In a season of giving, joy, and fullness, we refuse to turn our eyes away. Christmas extravagance overwhelms, but their cries echo in our hearts. We turn our eyes to your besieged hometown and we gently whisper, “We see you. We hear you. Help is coming.”

To the newborns left in the only remaining children’s hospital in an incubator—when the hospital was bombed and the electricity was cut off, they suffocated to death in their incubators… help is coming.

To Safaa, the little baby who only knows the pains of falling asleep hungry, and whose cries had to be stifled so as to not attract the attention of armed men outside… help is coming.

To Reem, the newborn little girl who passed away because no healthcare was available and her most basic medical needs could not be met. To her mother, who cradled her pride and joy until her last breath was gasped… help is coming.

To the parents of toddlers who are giving their children sticks and dirt to fill their little stomachs, and pulling stuffing out of mattresses to light the stove so they don’t freeze to death… help is coming.

To the babies and toddlers growing up in a war zone, normalizing shrapnel, bombs, and gruesome carnage as an everyday occurrence… help is coming.

In a land of affluence, we are thankful for food because so many are hungry, health because so many are sick, freedom because so many are restrained, family and friends because so many are lonely, and possessions because so many are without.

But this Christmas, let us see thankfulness as a catalyst instead of a conclusion. We receive blessings, and instead of comparing, we seek opportunities to give them away. How many times have we looked heavenward and asked God to bless us and He looks right back and says… “I have. Now what are you going to do with it?”

Saving Moses is providing nourishment support to Syria’s most vulnerable: babies less than two years of age. Our hearts and hands are compelled to act in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis of our age. Let’s take what we have, do what we can, and let Syria know that help is coming.

To lend your voice, your heart, your hands to the babies of Syria… donate HERE.

*Saving Moses is no longer working in Syria as of 2021

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