You Are Alone



You live in rural Afghanistan.

If you leave your home, you might step on a land mine.
You fear getting caught in dangerous crossfire.
Traveling alone is culturally unacceptable because you’re a woman.
You need a male relative to escort you, even if you’re traveling to a family member’s house nearby.
You’re pregnant, expecting your precious little one any day.
Leaving your home is potentially deadly for you and your unborn baby.
Even if you make it to the clinic safely, if a male doctor is working in the clinic, he may not be able to assist you.
Because you’re a woman.
The treacherous journey from your home to a clinic is not worth the risk.
You’re alone. And have to give birth to your baby without skilled help.
You’re nervous about complications.
But there are no other options.

Afghanistan has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. Learn more about Saving Moses’ birth and infant aid program here.

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