Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Moms have the ineffable gift of understanding a child’s soul. And while good mothers pour care into their babies to establish trust, a sense of belonging, protection, and the ability to love, mothering requires total surrender and grace. As a mom, I know the weight of responsibility in parenting is intrinsically heavy, it can be lonely, and it is especially discouraging when meeting basic needs is impossible.

Global humanitarian efforts led by Saving Moses protect a mother’s most precious treasure by providing safety, wellness, and hope for her babies. While the goal is to protect children where the need is most urgent for survival, there is a profound secondary impact on Mom. The care provided to her babies can transform a mother’s outlook, offering her faith, community, and the opportunity to envision a future for her children beyond just survival.

As Mom prepares for work each night, her babies can be left in NightCare where they will be protected from sexual violence, interact with loving caregivers, and experience an environment where socioeconomic, ethnic, and gender imbalances do not exist. Saving Moses offers Mom the capacity to provide her baby a sense of belonging, protection, and love. Rather than taking her babies to work or locking her baby in a closet while she entertains customers, Mom is partnering with NightCare to protect and instill hope in her little one—hope for a future that far exceeds the realities prevalent in the sex industry.

Though all of you reading this today may not feel you can relate very much with the situations of these moms, at the core don’t we all have the same feelings as parents? We all want our children to have a better life, to be safe, cared for, and happy. We are burdened by their suffering and sadness, and would likely do whatever we could to help them survive.

Saving Moses is saving babies everyday through humanitarian interventions in Cambodia, Angola, Afghanistan, and Syria. This means that at the same time, we are empowering moms in these countries to protect their babies and give hope when there is none otherwise. They are provided with resources to love their babies by choosing a better way for them. In a time when her life may be out of control, a Saving Moses mom can choose hope, love, and safety for her little one that may change their future forever. By grace, we get to bless moms by protecting their greatest treasure.

To our partners, the mothers of the babies we serve, and any moms reading today, we at Saving Moses wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

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