Feed Your Soul

Every day we are given countless opportunities to show up and prove how beautiful life can be. In our actions and in our words, we have so many opportunities to be kind, to go out of our way for others or engage in the messiness of life, to reveal what is in our heart. When your day is centered around engaging with and serving others it feels good and you find meaning in what drives your soul.

Each one of us has a purpose for making this world, making this life, a better place. Despite our unique ideas about what would make the world better, our soul comes alive when we finally figure out what this means for us personally. Our purpose is found in those small moments when we are in relationship with others, when we recognize and act on the feeling we get when we are pulled to help someone or “do the right thing” and we do it. It is then when we feel how beautiful life can be. Even when we are at our worst, when our circumstances are overwhelming and life feels terrible, choosing to take care of others gives us purpose and meaning and will get us through difficult times.

Where are you called to serve? Are you called to serve your co-workers, offering encouragement and mentoring? Are you called in your local community to serve veterans or the homeless? Maybe you’re called to help single or teen moms or you contribute finances to international missions or organizations. Whether it’s time, talent, or finances, when you show up for others you feed your soul and you prove how beautiful life can be.

Sometimes circumstances prevent us from being able to help the way we want to. With personal and professional responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to help others. Sometimes it’s hard to find the energy to do the right thing and you may feel like there isn’t much you can do, but I promise, there is always SOMETHING that can be done. And it will feed your soul. Today, choose to do something for someone else, let it feed your soul. If you have $10 a month to spare, give it away! If you have time or talents that can bring beauty and light, use them! Give of yourself freely and abundantly because there is nothing left but your soul when everything else is gone.

In this hateful world, where many choose to feed their own selfish desires, choose to be selfless instead. Find an organization that speaks to you, get involved, do something. Being aware of problems, talking about problems on social media, this isn’t enough. Do something to prove beauty in this world by listening to your soul. In return you will be filled with transcendent joy that will surpass all of your circumstances.

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