I just got back from Bangladesh. This time, I went to meet Rohingya refugees.

It’s a really horrific situation to comprehend—particularly after sitting in the tents with these families and listening to their stories. The Rohingya are a people group from Myanmar and are currently experiencing a genocide.  The stories of terror, mass killings, torture, rape… they have experienced the worst that this world has to offer.

Since September, hundreds of thousands have fled their country and crossed the border into Bangladesh. I talked to moms who were toting newborns on their hip as they were running for their lives. Some even…

…had to give birth while they were fleeing genocide.

Hearing their stories absolutely broke my heart. They have endured more than anyone should ever have to experience.

Their babies need our support now more than ever. Saving Moses has committed to supplying nutritional support for babies (0-2) in the refugee camp.

​Will you help light the night in Bangladesh and feed a Rohingya baby today?

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