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You are a beneficiary too!

Written by: Matt Nathaniel (Regional Director)

In my years of experience working in the non-profit sector, one of the key words that I always come across is ‘beneficiary’. The dictionary meaning for beneficiary is, “a person or thing that receives help or an advantage from something: one that benefits from something” (Merriam-Webster).
The obvious understanding of beneficiary in a social work context is those who directly benefit through the services provided by an NGO or any government initiative contributing to social change. This understanding is partially correct in my opinion.
However, in a larger understanding, caring for a fellow human need not be a task of an NGO or a government for that matter. It’s a collective social responsibility of the entire community to bring social change among those in need, irrespective of any man-made classification one might fall under.
When we commit ourselves to the transformation of the community, we extend our support to the needy, directly, or indirectly. This act of compassion makes our lives meaningful. In a way we benefit through giving. Studies also indicate that the very act of giving back to the community boosts your happiness, health, and sense of wellbeing.
As you choose to help contribute for the work of Saving Moses, saving babies everyday by meeting the most intense and urgent survival needs, you are a beneficiary too.
About Matt Nathaniel:
Matt joined the Saving Moses team as our Regional NightCare Director in 2020. He lives in India and does an incredible job as the program lead for all our NightCare centers. He came to us with outstanding experience, insights, and knowledge of working with the marginalized people groups and establishing effective programs. Despite coming on board during COVID-19, Matt successfully managed our NightCare team remotely and now our staff and programs are flourishing under his leadership. Matt is leading the charge as we continue to expand with two new NightCare centers in 2023/2024.
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