More from our latest trip to Southeast Asia!

My name is Tanya Lasko and I am the operations manager at Saving Moses. I have been traveling with Sarah, the founder of Saving Moses, on program trips for years. I’ve been able to see start up NightCare centers grow into thriving safe nighttime homes for babies & toddlers.

I’d love to share some of what I witnessed this last trip to Southeast Asia with you…

“After landing in Phnom Phen, we met with the rest of our team that had already arrived. We didn’t waste any time and soon found ourselves at one of the NightCare centers, we were anxious to spend time with the nannies and babies there. The warm welcome of the nannies brought back sweet memories of an earlier trip for me. It is challenging not being able to communicate much with the nannies as their English is very limited or nonexistent but love always surpasses language barriers! They were quick to offer us cold water, fresh fruit, and small meat pie pastries from the kitchen. The babies weren’t due to arrive for a while longer as it was still early afternoon, so we went on a walk through the neighborhood. The small alleyways and concrete openings where the people of this community live never cease to amaze me. What tugs on my heart most is where people live among the trash with makeshift tents from scraps and cardboard boxes. The number of toddlers playing amongst the garbage as if it were a playground was a bit overwhelming. This is the cause for countless sores and sicknesses babies and toddlers have living in this filth day in and day out. To these precious ones though, it is home.


No matter where I find myself, I have learned that warm smiles transcend different cultures and situations. We met several moms with their babies along the river. After speaking with one mom, assisted by a nanny translating for us, we learned that she brought her baby to the center. She shared how relieved she feels knowing her baby is safe and out of harm’s way off the streets and not left with neglectful neighbors while she must go to work to provide.

We made it back to the center before a down pour of rain began. Phnom Phen is known for its flooding. The rain is frequent and intense for this city not built to withstand it! This torrential rain kept some little ones home for the evening, but there were still fifteen babies and toddlers who came. The average age amongst the group of little ones this night was about three. The toddlers were happy to be at the center and came right in with little prompting. It was as if they were arriving home and ready to be reunited with their family and familiar toys. We left soon after the babies ate and were playing before bed with hearts full, knowing there were at least 15 babies here at the center this night safe from harm.”

I must share, the nannies are the heart of the NightCare program. Watching these remarkable women serve, care for, and love these little ones, providing such stability for them is so inspiring! It was a heartbreaking but hopeful trip overall and that is hugely due to YOU! Your giving and generosity make all this possible! Thank you!

Because of your giving, TOGETHER, we are saving babies every day! Thank you!

Tanya Lasko
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