A Vision for NightCare in India

My recent trip to India was a really powerful experience for me because I got to see and experience- in the flesh- a dream come true.

Infant Mortality in Afghanistan

an Afghan man with his children outside

Infant Mortality in Afghanistan: A Story Changed By Jamie Forster, Marketing Coordinator Imagine for a moment that you are pregnant. Your local hospital recently shut down but even if it were open, you could not afford to go there. Many women and babies in your village have died in childbirth. You do not know if […]

The high cost of hunger

The High Cost of Hunger By Heidi Cortez, Executive Director¬† We have all missed a meal at one point and felt the pains of hunger. When you are hungry, it is difficult to focus on anything else. I have watched my son’s entire demeanor change the moment he gets something to eat. He instantly transforms […]


Rohingya Refugees

This blog explores what leads to mass violence against a people group and how we should view all of humanity- a central value of the Saving Moses team.

Life and hope

Executive Director, Heidi Cortez, reflects back on her first trip to Angola where she witnessed both death and hope.

Why are so many newborns dying?

Thousands of babies die every day around the world before they reach 28 days. Why is this happening? What can be done to stop it?

Trauma-Informed Care for Babies pt. 2

A baby plays at NightCare

In this post, we delve deeper into the effects of trauma in babies and take a look at the solution-based approach to care used in our NightCare centers

Understanding Trauma in Babies pt. 1

a mother and her toddler in their home

Read our latest post written by Matt Nathaniel, our Regional NightCare Director, to lean about the causes, signs, and effects of trauma in babies and toddlers – and how NightCare is breaking the cycle of trauma one baby at a time.

A look at Afghanistan

What is the situation like for the babies and toddlers of Afghanistan? Take a look at the increasing factors for the already high infant mortality rate, examine the past for direction on how we step into the future, and learn why it is so vital we continue to aid the most vulnerable.

2020 Annual Report

Learn about program impacts, personal stories and more in this highlight of our 2020-2021 Annual Report.