A Cry For Life In The DRC

Editor’s Note: Tanya Lasko, Saving Moses’s operations director, writes a daily journal of her humanitarian travels. This post about Saving Moses’s BirthAid program presents portions of her entries from Nyankunde Hospital in Nyankunde, DRC. She traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo with Saving Moses’s founder, Sarah Bowling, and videographer, Lauren. This blog post […]

New NightCare Center Opens in India

Written By: Tanya Lasko (Program Coordinator) As I travel through the streets of Kolkata in the comfort of a hired car with horns beeping and the air conditioning cranked, I am reminded of the blessing of peace, quiet, and order. I begin to understand that each honk communicates to the pedestrians, and other vehicles, “I […]

More from our latest trip to Southeast Asia!

My name is Tanya Lasko and I am the operations manager at Saving Moses. I have been traveling with Sarah, the founder of Saving Moses, on program trips for years. I’ve been able to see start up NightCare centers grow into thriving safe nighttime homes for babies & toddlers. I’d love to share some of […]

The Deepening Crisis in Angola

The combination of the drought and the impacts of the war in Ukraine are creating a deepening crisis in Angola. Not only are malnutrition cases rising, but medical care is becoming increasingly necessary.

Stories of Impact: Vulnerable at Birth

According to UNICEF, 2.4 million babies died in their first month of life in 2020. The majority of these deaths were preventable. Premature birth, infection, and labor and delivery complications are some of the leading causes of this incredible loss of life.

Saving Moses Through the Years

We have seen so much growth at every level and are so thankful to our supporters who make this dream into a reality every day.

Infant Mortality in Afghanistan

an Afghan man with his children outside

Infant Mortality in Afghanistan: A Story Changed By: Jamie Malewska, Marketing Coordinator Imagine for a moment that you are pregnant. Your local hospital recently shut down but even if it were open, you could not afford to go there. Many women and babies in your village have died in childbirth. You do not know if […]

Trauma-Informed Care for Babies pt. 2

A baby plays at NightCare

In this post, we delve deeper into the effects of trauma in babies and take a look at the solution-based approach to care used in our NightCare centers

Understanding Trauma in Babies pt. 1

a mother and her toddler in their home

Read our latest post written by Matt Nathaniel, our Regional NightCare Director, to lean about the causes, signs, and effects of trauma in babies and toddlers – and how NightCare is breaking the cycle of trauma one baby at a time.

A look at Afghanistan

What is the situation like for the babies and toddlers of Afghanistan? Take a look at the increasing factors for the already high infant mortality rate, examine the past for direction on how we step into the future, and learn why it is so vital we continue to aid the most vulnerable.