Light The Night

The darkness in Bangladesh feels overwhelming.

Devastating flooding, violence, disease, and an influx of refugees that the country is not prepared to care for.

Sex work is legal, and one of the world’s largest brothels is found in Bangladesh.


The Rohingya are an ethnic minority group from Myanmar. The government has recently denied their humanity and is performing an ethnic cleansing.

Almost a million people have fled to the neighboring country of Bangladesh—a country not equipped to handle the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.

While other organizations are working on shelter, food, and safety for the people, our hearts turn towards the smallest and most vulnerable: Rohingya babies.

We are providing formula and nutritional support to babies and toddlers (age 0-5) in the refugee camps.


Some of the largest brothels in the world are located in Bangladesh. They are set-up as mini-cities, with walls to keep the sex workers and their children inside.

Most women are trafficked in underage, and then are captive to their owners, often for the rest of their lives.

Babies and toddlers growing up in this environment know no other reality than sexual abuse and exploitation.

We are expanding our NightCare program to Bangladesh this year. The darkness is overwhelming, but our first NightCare center can become a spark of hope.

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