Saving Moses is a global humanitarian organization saving babies (5 & under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available.

February 12, 2020

Hanging by a Thread: The Saving Moses Journey

Hanging by a Thread: The Saving Moses Journey Written by: McKenzie Thompson – Saving Moses Communications & Logistics Coordinator “Who abandons newborn babies? How did they arrive in some random field? Was anything with them, like blankets or bottles, when they were discovered? Were they wearing any clothing?” These were ... Read More»

June 4, 2009

Did You Know . . .

Every day, 26,000 babies under the age of 5 die mainly from preventable causes. 4 million babies die each year within the first month of life…and more up to half of these die in their first 24 hours. By 2015, 4.3 million child deaths will occur that could have been prevented…children that could have been... Read More»

June 4, 2009

saving moses

It takes courage to look extreme need in the face. It takes great faith to hold a young child whose life literally depends on total strangers being moved with compassion and willing to help.  It takes you and I letting God’s love flow through us to become personal & life-giving to the next generation. Read More»

June 4, 2009

Update on the Twins

You may remember the twin, baby girls we met last year in Addis. They had been abandoned and left to die in a field.  Rescued by a local orphanage which we support, I had the awesome opportunity to hold the little girls when they were a few weeks old.  This week, I got to return... Read More»

May 17, 2009

greetings from Ethiopia!

Hello from Addis Ababa! I’m really sorry for not posting sooner about the last few days – internet access can be “mildly” tricky here.  Ok, maybe not so “mild”  😉 Anyways, i posted about everything on so pop over there to read about what’s happened.  I’ll prob post some ... Read More»

May 11, 2009

Ethiopia Prayer Points

Exciting doors are open for me to return to Ethiopia this week! Last summer, we were able to visit Gondor, Ethiopia and view first-hand the conditions of babies and families in that region. Thanks to you and our friends, sponsors, and partners who helped us build a water well that will deliver fresh water to... Read More»

March 30, 2009

Our Mission Still Matters…

Thanks for your support! 2009 is off to an amazing start. God has been giving us glimpses of upcoming opportunities and fresh vision to take worldchild to a new place of impact and outreach. I believe the future has tremendous possibility–and NOTHING is impossible with God. Even when faced with tough economic times, our vision... Read More»

October 29, 2008

Ethiopia…by Isabell Bowling

I went to see king Menelik’s pic & crown in the museum.  It was very awesome.  I also got to see the oldest, most complete human skeleton in the world, named “skeleton Lucy”.  I hope you will help us raise money for water wells that we want to help drill. In Ethiopia, I experienced Jesus... Read More»

October 14, 2008

Together we can stop death for a day…or a lifetime!

One of the most moving days was the day we felt led by God to drive into the countryside to learn how the people of Ethiopia are really living. We drove for two hours when we found some children carrying water jugs. We stopped the van and followed them, wanting to see for ourselves what... Read More»

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